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Second Story Additions (Ranch to Garrison Conversions)

A 2nd floor addition may be the answer!
2nd floor additions are the perfect choice if you want to maximize views or provide additional privacy to your home. They also provide the perfect space for additional bedrooms or bathrooms.

First, keep in mind that a 2nd floor addition can be more complex than adding out. The roof will need to be removed early on, which could leave your home vulnerable to the weather. At City Wide Carpentry we pride ourselves on speed, good planning, and coordination, which are essential to a successful final product.

Here is some information you will want to keep in mind when considering a second floor addition:

  • Certain towns and cities have possible height restrictions. Also some subdivisions and co-op's further restrict changes to exteriors of homes. Also consider neighbor's views and obstructions that could be done when adding a second level. That is where consultation with City Wide Carpentry  is so important.
  • Foundation structure and first floor construction are also very important. Support and spans are all very important keys to the building of a second floor.

Proper design, essential timing, and quality construction is what we do every day. Let City Wide Carpentry assist you in the planning stages to help you create your 2nd floor addition. We can meet every need and feature you require. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

In the past 30+ years City Wide Carpentry has earned many awards for quality and craftsmanship including Harvey Industries' Crystal Achievement Award in 2000.
We would like to thank you for your interest in our business and our passion. City Wide Carpentry prides itself on providing top quality construction, customer satisfaction and the knowledge of over 30 years of success to back it up.

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