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Are you looking to make your home stand out? Or change your home into something more modern or stylish? If so, let City Wide Carpentry help you with your home makeover. Expanding or remodeling the living space in your home can be a major undertaking and an important decision. Whether you are looking to give your home an entire face lift, enhance its curb appeal, or modify your home's interior, hiring professional help with your makeover has rewarding short term and long term benefits that significantly increase the value of your home.

City Wide Carpentry has the professional remodeling experience and quality service you need to give your home an extraordinary makeover that you can be proud of for years to come.

City Wide Carpentry is dedicated to a standard of care and excellence in creating design solutions that suit your needs.

Don't let your home become a fashion victim. Give your home the makeover it truly deserves.

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In the past 30+ years City Wide Carpentry has earned many awards for quality and craftsmanship including Harvey Industries' Crystal Achievement Award in 2000.
We would like to thank you for your interest in our business and our passion. City Wide Carpentry prides itself on providing top quality construction, customer satisfaction and the knowledge of over 30 years of success to back it up.

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