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Finished Basements

When most people think of a finished basement, they think of the increased potential for storage such as tools, hardware, athletic gear, electronic equipment, linens, and memorabilia. But extra storage space is just the beginning, you can also use a remodeled basement for a living area, family area, office, theater, children's playroom, gym area, or additional bedrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Finishing off your basement can also provide unseen benefits to the foundation of your home. In order to refinish a basement, the basement requires a strong foundation, free from mold or wear. Making these improvements and/or repairs can strengthen the foundation of your home and protect your investment. Finished basements offer energy efficiency as well because they are often the coolest parts of a home, and you can cool off down there during the sweltering summer months. Basements are also naturally insulated by the ground around them and are not subject to above-ground climate fluctuations.

Beyond the functional, social, and environmental benefits of finishing your basement, it also significantly increases the value of your home. Finishing a basement increases the square footage of your home and its value at the same time.

Let City Wide Carpentry assist you in planning the most functional design for your basement that is most suitable to your needs.

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In the past 30+ years City Wide Carpentry has earned many awards for quality and craftsmanship including Harvey Industries' Crystal Achievement Award in 2000.
We would like to thank you for your interest in our business and our passion. City Wide Carpentry prides itself on providing top quality construction, customer satisfaction and the knowledge of over 30 years of success to back it up.

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