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Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is the center of the home for many households. Whether your kitchen has outlived its usefulness and is simply falling apart, your current kitchen layout may not suit your family's needs, or perhaps you just want a change, remodeling the kitchen can be a major undertaking. However there are many benefits to remodeling your kitchen.

Homeowners often remodel their kitchens to increase the value of their home. There are also financial incentives that come with remodeling the kitchen such as energy-saving rebates offered by government entities or vendors. A kitchen can also be remodeled for energy savings by adding skylights reduce the need for artificial light, and replacing existing appliances with energy-efficient appliances help reduce utility bills and relieve stress on the environment.

Other homeowners may find that their kitchen layout may have worked well for the previous homeowner, but does not cater to the family's needs. A kitchen remodel can make the kitchen space more functional by adding amenities such as breakfast bar that will suit the family's needs. Kitchens can also be remodeled to accommodate the needs of disabled family members. Or, for the gourmet cook, their current kitchen can be remodeled into their dream kitchen.  


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In the past 30+ years City Wide Carpentry has earned many awards for quality and craftsmanship including Harvey Industries' Crystal Achievement Award in 2000.
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